capital letter = link



Start page




Link 1


for those familiar with computers click link 1 and download the three folders

or copy and paste this link... http://dropcanvas.com/5oa20


for those who need guidance follow the steps below

step 1


Link 1


pic 1 above is the web page that will show on the screen after a single left-click on Link 1


step 2


single left-click on the utorrent zip file


step 3


when when the zip file has downloaded, the computer will show the zip file on the screen


step 4


single left-click the little arrow next to where it says "zip" and and when the white pop-up box appears single left-click

"show in folder"


step 5


the computer will automatically go to the downloads section of the computer and the "utorrent" zip file should be showing at the top of the downloads list


the file might be showing as "unconfirmed"


if it is then wait until it changes to utorrent


step 6


when the utorrent zip file is showing single

right-click it


step 7


a pop-up box with a zillion options will appear


single right-click on "cut"


step 8


single left-click on the task bar and a pop-up box shows


single left-click on

"show the desktop"


step 9


now right-click on an empty part of the screen


a white pop-up box will appear


single left-click "paste" and the zip file will appear on the screen


step 10


single right-click an empty part of the screen again and the options box will show again


single left-click "new" and another options pop-up box will show


single left-click "folder"


step 11


a folder will be created on the desktop screen


name it films


drag and drop the utorrent zip folder into the films folder that has just been created


step 12


double left-click on the films folder that has just been created and the utorrents zip folder will be there


step 13


single right-click the utorrent zip file and an options pop-up box will appear


choose "extract all"


a pop-up box will appear


single left-click the "extract" box at the

bottom-right of the box


step 14


the computer will take a few seconds to extract all the files


when all the files have been extracted they are in the "films" folder along with the utorrent zip file


keep the utorrent zip file for the future


step 15


single right-click on the utorrent file and an options box will show


select "pin to start" and single left-click


step 16


single right-click the utorrents file and an options box will open


double left-click "open" and the file will start the installation


there will be on or two prompts during the installation itself


one of them is

"select language"


the programme is running continually on this computer and it isn't practical to uninstall it and reinstall it and do a "pictorial explanation"


you should be o.k. though


step 17


to watch films on the computer...


download the "player" zip file


i've been using a computer for nine years and have only just come across this player


the quality is superb


drag and drop any video file onto the player and it will start playing


it's a great little player with stacks of features


best to click on this and that symbol and learn by trial and error


now that the utorrent programme is installed it's wonderfully simple


double left-click any torrent from the list of films and the programme does its magic


it finds the film on the internet and downloads the film to your computer


to watch the films on the telly...


it's a simple matter of buying a usb stick and copying films onto it and plugging the stick into the telly and watching the films on a big

family-sized screen


in the years to come treat yourself to a 65 inch 3-d telly for when it's stay-indooors weather